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I would like to make you all aware of what you are buying and who you are dealing with when you purchase a jetboard. I am an ex jetboard dealer myself who has had multiple problems with the jetboard product. When buying my jetboard I was told that all jetboards are assembled in Australia and are checked 3 times before they are delivered to the customer. This was defiantly not the case with my board. When I received my board there was a hole in the piston, 2 missing engine mounts, a faulty electric system and fuel lines connected the wrong way. When Jetboarder was told about this I was told

"I do not believe you"

and was advised that all jetboards are checked 3 times before leaving the factory in Australia. After checking my air way bill I found that my board had never touched Australian soil. It was sent out of China. I checked the address and found that it was the same address of the Cotrum factory. A company that produce a product called a Power Jetboard the best way for me to describe this product is to say it's like a jetboard without jetboarder stickers. They have 2 models the normal power jetboard and the sporting power jetboard that come in white, yellow and blue. Prices start at $900 US for one board with trolley and come down significantly in price depending on how many you buy. After asking Chris at jetboarder about this I was advised that I would not be able to purchase any boards from that factory. Like most things that Chris advises me this is not true anyone is allowed to purchase boards from this factory. This is why I have a lot of problems believing that this is a quality Australian assembled product not a cheep Chinese one and get quite offended when it is advertised as "Australian assembled". If you have any questions about my experience with Jetboarder please do not hesitate to contact me I will be happy to help you any way I can.



I can confirm the boards don't work and always breakdown.Worked for the guy last year and everytime he took the boards out when I was there (which was a few days every week or two) he spent hours trying to get them to go.

Now I'm trying to chase him up cause he hasn't paid me.Niffty


I brought a peice of *** jetboarder of Gold Coast Waverunners. The Jetboarder broke down straight away it never started. Jetboarder and Gold Coast Waverunners both ran and want nothing to do with my Jetboarder.


This story is far to common I brought a peice of *** jetboarder from Chris Kanyaro as well.He would not respond to emails or phone calls.

So I went over to his house and confrunted him.

He harrased me ordered me off his proptery.Through some jetboarder part at my car smashing the window.


I has a simalar story.We brought a Jetboarder kids model for our son.

The Jetboarder never worked very well. Our son was riding last week and the jetboarder caught fire. When we told Jetboarder they said that it was our fult and that fire is not covered in the jetboarder wananty. We have pusied the matter and Chris kanyaro will not get back to us.

Our friend who also brought a jetboarder had the same thing happen with the sport model.

Chris Kanyaro from Jetboarder sent him a nasty email saying that in the Jetboarder contract he could sue hime if he told any one about the problems with the jetboarder.Im just realy upset to know that I wasted $7,000 on a usless jetboarder as a present for my son.


Stop reposting! We got the hint the first time you posted your complaint. Posting it again only makes us care less about it.

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